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Standard Services, Houston,TX

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Below is a list of Standard Property Management Services we offer.

Note: This list is not all inclusive and we may provide additional services upon request. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to request services not listed on our website for a quote.

Property Review Report

A complete Interior and Exterior review of your property is performed and documented. Report contain a checklist of items inspected and any discrepancies noted.

View an Example Property Review Checklist

Grocery,Store,Online Shopping or Pickup Lunch/ Dinner

JAGONE will do any type of shopping for you online or in store. Let JAGONE do the research sourcing best prices on items before purchasing. We even do Returns and Exchanges, Library Books / DVDs Drop Off, Hotel & Dinner Reservations

Drop OFF Forgotten School Homework / Missing Signature Document

Teacher calling concerning Homework/ Missing Signature on document?

Let JAGONE take the homework or signed document to the school for you.

Delivery and Pick up of Dry Cleaning / Laundry

Need your Dry Cleaning Drop Off or Pick Up for the next day.

Let JAGONE drop them off or pick them up for you and deliver them wherever you request

Professional Appointment Setting / Filing Documents

No need to hire a full time Person for Scheduling Appointments or Filing Business Documents. JAGONE is available to do does things for you.

Senior Companionship and Support

The reality of a loved one needing help can be difficult and emotional for family. You would like to spend more time with your loved one, but because of your busy schedule you can't.

Grocery shopping,Transportation for Medical Appointments/ Errands,and Daily Outings Activities

JAGONE is available whatever the reason, we will walk with you every step of the journey.

Exterior/Interior Photos (OPTIONAL)

Have peace of mind knowing your property is safe and well maintained while away. With this option, we will take photos of your property on every visit and make them available to you via email.

Removal of Flyers, Newspapers, and Advertisement

Flyers and advertisements left hanging on your door, newspapers in the driveway attract unwanted attention to your home. We will remove these items to Provide your Home with a Lived-In Appearance.

Starting Vehicle/ Hand Washing

If you will be out for an extended time, let us start your vehicle (s) for you during each of our property review.

(Hand Washing Available

Mail Pickup and Forwarding

Want to have your mail forwarded to you while away from your home? We will gather your mail and ship it in an envelope to you.

Post Office Pick up/Drop off

Winterizing Exterior Pipes

Winter weather rolling in while out of town? We will take care of providing protection to exposed pipes outside of your house to prevent busted pipes.

Watering Indoor Plants

Let us water your indoor plants while you are away. Just let us know the frequency in which you would like them watered and be at ease knowing that your plants will be alive and healthy when you return.

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