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Below is a list of Specialty Services we offer.

Note: This list is not all inclusive and we may provide additional services upon request. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to request services not listed on our website for a quote.

Prescription Medications Delivery

If you forget or run out of time to refill your prescription medication prior to your departure, JAGONE will pick up and forward the medication to you.

Waiting In Line For You

Don't want to wait in line? For Passport,

Post Office/ Bank/ Registry/ Department Of Motor Vehicles etc..

Let JAGONE do the standing in line for you.

Shipping of Personal Belongings

Shipping of personal belongings may be arranged while you are away or prior to your departure. Any boxes needing to be shipped must be open, or will be opened, prior to shipping for inspection to ensure no illegal items are being shipped. We will not ship Drugs, Alcohol, Classified Documents, or Weapons.

Realty Liaison

Moving to the area but need someone local to assist you in completing your home purchase? Let JAGONE help.

Wait for Installations/Repairs/Deliveries

Need someone to wait for the Repair Person, Furniture Delivery, or Cable etc... while you are at work or away? JAGONE are there for you. Let us know the time frame expected and we'll let them in and lock up once everything is completed.

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