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Our standard services include a weekly or monthly report, based on your needs, which advise you of the conditions of your property. A thorough review is performed of your property as we document and report any discrepancies immediately. We may also provide you with photos of any issues or concerns that may arise.

  • Property Management Review Report
  • Grocery, Store, Online Shopping or Pickup Lunch / Dinner
  • Delivery and Pick Up Dry Cleaning/Laundry
  • Professional Appointment Setting and Filing
  • Drop OFF Forgotten Homework
  • Senior Companionship and Support
  • Exterior/Interior Photos (OPTIONAL)
  • Removal of Flyers, Newspapers and Advertisements
  • Starting Vehicles/Hand Washing
  • Mail Pickup and Forwarding
  • Winterizing Exterior Pipes
  • Watering Indoor Plants 

Additional services may be performed upon request. You may need additional assistance from us while you are away from your home and may contact us at any time to add a specialty service. Specialty services may include any personal or business errands, or other special requests.

  • Prescription Medications Delivery
  • Waiting In Line For You
  • Shipping of Personal Belongings
  • Realty Liaison
  • Wait for Installations/Repairs/Deliveries

Traveling and working pet owners had few choices concerning care for their pet while they are away. An alternative to a pet boarding kennel is in-home pet sitting. This is the best choice for you and you're pet(s) that love to "Have Their Cake and Eat It Too”. No inconvenience to your family and friends. Also less expensive than boarding kennels.

  • Pet Sitting
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Feeding
  • Pet Exercise
  • Litter Box Maintenance
  • Pet Waste Removal
  • Veterinary and Medications
  • Pet Medication Administer
  • Pet To/From Groomer
  • Pet To/From Veterinary
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